Health and Safety Induction Quiz

Please complete all questions correctly.

Whose responsibility is health & safety?
When you arrive at PFS


What is the compulsory PPE for the PFS Yard and Workshop?

Drugs & Alcohol

PFS has the right to test for drugs and/or alcohol at pre-employment, post incident, or if reasonable cause is given, or randomly? True or False
Where are you allowed to smoke at PFS?

Speed Limit

What is the Speed Limit at PFS?

Main Hazards

The main hazards at PFS are: (tick all that apply)
The controls for the above hazards are: (tick all that apply)

Work Safety

If you are unsure of any aspect of your work or have a safety concern, should you stop and tell your immediate supervisor straight away and get the matter resolved before continuing work? True or False

Emergency Evacuation

The Assembly point in the event of an emergency evacuation is located
At PFS Hamilton HQ